Monday, October 1, 2012

times a flyin...

times a flyin...i think this mission thing is just what tate needed.  he loves to stay busy...doesn't like a lot of down time...wants to always be doin something...always thinkin about what is goin to be happenin next!  For many years tate went from football season to basketball season to baseball season and then started all over again.  this summer after baseball got over he seemed to have more time on his hands then he knew what to do with.  he only had one month before he would leave on his mission so he really did not have much time to get a job.  he spent his last month doing odd jobs, hanging with his friends, boating and spending time with family.  i could tell he was ready to get busy again and was itching to get going.  he is busy again and that is what he does best!

mom! dad! and everyone else ha  this week has been awesome! a lot has gone happened. it  has gone by so fast it seems like.the food is gross/good. haha depends on the day and what you get. but for the most part it is ok...i just eat cuz by the time its the next meal i am starving. so its whatever hahah. my classes are going amazing. here is what a typical day for me is like. wake up at 630. personal or companion study. breakfast. class. lunch language study. Computer language study. then class again. then dinner. then personal or companion yeah...but then on sunday and tuesday nights there are devotionals so those are always fun haha. i sleep amazing as usual. no problems there. and yes mom i have done my wash ha its not like im that deprived of knowing how to work a little :). my companion and i get along good for the most part. he just does things at such a slow pace it kills me sometimes...but it was meant to make me learn patience i think so its ok  one of the districts is leaving this week along with some of my district who are going to guatemala. i will miss them. i have only had three weeks but the ones that were in the other district. who were older then us at the mtc. i got along amazing with a few of them. its sad but i just want to get out to chile ha. these three weeks have flown by its crazy ummmmmmm it is nothing what i expected! at all. which is good. it makes some things more exciting!

 so onto some cool things i learned this week. we had a workshop and i heard some awesome quotes. here are a couple. 

Poem about Miracles of Christ ( christ talking to us about coming to the edge of a cliff) 

"come to the edge of the cliff the savior said, 
no we will fall off. 

Come to the edge of the cliff he said, 
No we will fall!! 

Come to the edge!!! 
so we went to the edge and he pushed us......and we flew. 

This kinda hit me pretty hard. i think it is amazing what we can do throught christ. obedience brings blessings, exact obedience brings miracles....that is one thing i am trying to do is be exactly obedient. 

i have 24 months to serve, and i lifetime to think about how i served. 

another thing i leared would to be not to judge....we dont know what people have been through nor do we have the ability to judge because we have not experienced the things that they have been going through or will go through. 
 awesome...hey did you know i love you and that im doing fine k? :)
i have grown up a lot hahah but dont worry im still immature tate
                                Look at his organized funny!

 all is well i really am doing amazing mom....i can teach full lessons in spanish already and pray and bear testimony...its so simple hahah crazy.

                                     This is Chad VanOrden...Tate played baseball with him.

 haha im fine.... i like miss you guys and miss my freiends and stuff but its not like im sick to my stomach 
                                  Look!  it's the Kelsey blanket at the MTC!
                                 Tate and Austin Boyd...they visit each night
thats about it haha... i will try to write a handwritten letter as well just to give you more info but i gotta go...missionary work is busy haha. ill talk to you soon! love you guys a lot! miss ya 

elder harding

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  1. Ha ha....great to see the blanket! He looks and sounds awesome! Should make you feel so good to see how well he is doing!