Monday, October 29, 2012

hAvE i DoNe aNy GoOd ToDaY?

have i done any good today?  

this year at the elementary school that i work at we had a new family move into our boundaries.  we met them at registration.  they came in with their mom who was there to register them for school.  there are 4 children that range from kindergarten through sixth grade.  they are these curly headed mop top kids that always have a little bit of mischief in their eyes. at registration they ran wild through the gym while their mom filled out all of the paperwork. to be honest i thought to myself wow these kids are going to be a handful. i have been proven wrong! i work with two of the four children in my reading interventions.  today started out as any other monday would.  i asked my group what they had done over the weekend.  i got the usual answers from most of the tag...and then the boy with a  head of curls said..."i went to a new church"  this was not the usual answer that i was used to so i asked, "oh really which one?"  i was expecting his reply to be...the one on the corner or the white one by the park.  this is the answer i got..."THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS".  henry then told me he went with his friends.  i asked who his friends were and he replied..."my friends the ELDERS."  we then got started with class.  i do not know the names of these "friends" of henry's but i do know that somewhere the moms of these two ELDERS should be very proud of their sons who are helping henry's family learn about CHRIST and his church. they truly did do something good with their day. tomorrow i think i will tell henry that my son tate is one of those ELDERS too.

hey guys!! nothing like another week going by is insane...during the days it seems like it will never end but as i look back upon a week i cant remember anything haha it goes by so fast...i only have two weeks left in the mtc then i will be out to chile. the wierd part is they keep telling all of us here at the mtc that we will be trainers within 6 weeks!! hollay...hahah just because of the new missionary age! 

haha anyways to start the week we had Larry Echohawk come and speak to us. that was pretty cool considering he mentioned pocatello a few times and a few people whose names i do not remember but seemed familiar at the time! he told us his conversion story. it is weird for all of us to think about what conversion would feel like because most of us never had to go through it. we need to look at others how Heavenly Father sees them which is looking at them in a way of what they COULD become with the gospel if only we would share it with them. that is definitely one thing i have learned. i hope all of you are serving others even if it is just a small act of kindness or a smile or a hello here or there.

 i watched a mormon message (thats the best thing i get to do around here, its like my tv) it was called have i done any good today? such an amazing thing to remember if we only thought that every single day. anyways the spanish is coming along amazing and i already feel like a champ at it......that is until i get to chile and cant understand a single thing! haha but it is coming along well...i have found that when i share personal experiences in my life and share my testimony, those are some of the two things i love doing most. we had an awesome experience the other day in a thing called TRC. this is where we teach members from around the provo area. they just volunteer, be themselves, and then we teach them. it is my favorite thing we do down here. besides soccer hahah...btw we are 10-0 against another zone and i score at least once every game haha...but yeah back to the story. i shared a couple things in my life that i knew could maybe help him...mostly how i didn't go to church a lot my senior fall because of baseball...and i could honestly tell the difference in everything...i just didn't have a good feeling about not going to church every single sunday...but once i started going again it came back...i bore testimony of how important sunday was in my life and how it is a time where our family can hang out with each other and just have family time as well.

some days are really harder to be away from home and people...i get homesick every once in a while...mostly when i have time to just sit around and think about stuff...which is ALL the time in the mtc because we just have study times all day. so i cant wait to get to chile where i will be busy all the time haha hoooray
well i miss you all and hope you are all striving to do things better in your lives! i love you and miss you more than you know but i know that i will be blessed for serving faithfully!!! love you guys! 

Elder Harding! 

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