Monday, October 15, 2012

obedience in all things...

obedience in all things...tate would always tell me "don't worry mom it will all be okay".  he loved a little mischief maybe too much.  he would always wait a couple of days to tell me of the adventures he would have with his friends which was probably a good thing.  he thought he was funny as he would wrap his arms around me and reassure me that it was all okay.  from the time he was little mischief seemed to follow tate...or he seemed to follow it...not anything too serious but just enough for his mom to need to breathe deeply!  I can see a change in tate already in his letters.  he is learning the law of obedience. i love that in this letter he challenges us to be more obedient...this makes me giggle... coming from him...
i miss everyone but i am doing amazing y mi espanol is mejor que el fue antes de mi mision. haha its better than it was before my mission. and i learn something new every day. i am sorry to say i dont have a lot that goes on during the weeks at the mtc....ITS SO REPETATIVE and we just teach fake investigators and stuff so nothing too exciting or real quite yet. i still cant wait til derek and nick get here!

                                                          Tate's scriptures...

 i want to be in chile so bad right now...most of my friends from the older districts left this week so now its just me and Elder Matagi who are best friends ha...Elder Beeston and Elder Baltazar are leaving sucks but it will be good for me to make new friends. so i guess to start off the week we had Elder Bednar come and talk to us.....NOTHIN... IT WAS the coolest thing i have ever done. hahah anyways he issued a challenge that i kinda want to issue you guys and whoever else wants to...the challenge was to go buy a paperback book of mormon...the cheapest one you can find or get it for free...then write a question on the front page that you think can help you in your life...then read it all the way through, marking, highlighting, and writing in it pertaining to things that stand out to you about that question...when you are done he promised us that our question will be answered adn that we will want to do it again. he told us by the time we get to be his age, we will have like 200 book of mormons on our shelves with different questions to help us for our life. anyways just thought that was way cool. another thing that i really enjoy is watching the Mormon Messages. i encourage you to all watch one every once in a while. i promise it will help you guys in your lives. yeah but when Elder Bednar showed up EVERYONE in the chapel shot straight up and was standing before he even took two was an amazing experience.
                                                           Grandpa and Grandma Harding

 Tell both sets of grandparents that i love them very much and that i will be forever grateful for the things which i was taught in my early years from them as well as their support and things they continue to teach me...i love them more than they know. 

          Grandpa and Grandma Kunz

Before i leave, i know i already challenged you to do some things but i just challenge you to do anything you can to be more obedient. i know some things may seem little in your lives and you think oh this little thing wont hurt me and stuff but i know that by being obedient in ALL things. we will be even more blessed. so maybe you could set some goals personally on things you think you could improve on. that is one thing i am constantly doing. i set goals all day every day...ugh hahah jk but i do. and yes it is hard but i know that i will be blessed.

I love you guys and cant wait to call you guys on november 12th or will be so fun haha...

love, Elder Tate John Harding

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