Monday, October 22, 2012

we can do HARD thINGs...

we can do HARD thINGs...  from the time tate was little i have always told him that he can accomplish anything he put his minds to...with a little hard work.  there were many times that tate would come home from a practice discouraged and tired.  he sometimes would question himself or his teammates and their willingness to give it their all.  my answer would always be the harder...prove to yourself that you can do a an example.  before tate left on his mission i had asked him what "saying"  or "quote" he wanted by his missionary picture sitting on the table while he was gone.  his older brother tyson's missionary "quote" by his picture was...RETURN WITH HONOR.  tate could not come up with a specific one before he left.  in his letter home today he told us that he had figured out that his last name was in the saying "WE CAN DO HARD THINGS".  this is the saying that will be by his missionary picture while he serves the people of chile...and yes tate i know with out a doubt that you can do hard things!

okay so this week flew by even faster! hollay i am on my 7th week and after this week we will be the oldest district in our zone....its nuts....oh before i forget the new district that came in this last wednesday is all going to guadalajara so that was fun to talk to them about that a little bit...i really get a long great with one of them...he is older then me hahaha which is nothing new because i am still the youngest one in our zone yet i am one of the oldest districts....hahah kinda cool! but anyways me and my district are growing closer and it makes it way more fun. i was made district leader this week so i will be fulfilling that calling the last three weeks we are here. crazy stuff.
 okay anyways i came up with a cool idea from the quote mom always tells me "you can do hard things" i kinda changed the capitilization up and it could be a cool sign or something to put by my missionary picture or something. it goes like this "you can do HARD thINGs." the capital letters together make up our last name and i liked it a lot haha. so i figured mom could put something creative together like that.


haha umm one thing that did happen is our branch president got released...i a cryer now...haha he was like my best friend. he played baseball at byu and he would always give me crap about how i was lucky i didnt have to face him on that mound or else i would have taken one to the chin hahahah he was awesome! i will miss him more than anyone here at the MTC.

tate has this missionary telling every one his name is IAN Filliaga hahaha
 sooo about the grateful journal...i think it is an awesome dea! i would love to give them something. i think its a good idea. tell koda i miss her too! give raegan and taigen a hug for me as well.

i miss you guys more and more every day...but at the same time i grow every single day so it balances out...i cannot wait to get to chile even tho i know i wont be able to understand a single word. its literally killing me to be in the MTC right now hahah...its getting old...but these last 3 weeks will fly by....tell nick and derek to tell me what time and when they will be coming in so i can meet them at the door hahah! oh and tyson i looked you up on the MTC inquiry and you are still on there! we stay in the same residence as you but different floor! how funny is that!? it still has all your information and everything...i will send you a pic later....thank you for the package as DI ties were AWESOME.!! well thats about it for this week...hopefully that is long enought:) love you guys. stay strong for me and be obedient. obedience is everything...also is anyone doing the paperback book of mormon challenge that i mentioned??? i hope so... i know for a fact we would grow closer as a family if everyone did you guys...
.stay strong! love you guys! Elder Harding.

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