Monday, September 24, 2012

love everyone...

love far as i can remember tate has had many friends from every walk of life.  he seemed to make friends easily and was always open to meeting someone new.  his friends for the most part knew where he stood on things...what was important to him...and never really tried to get him to do things that tate didn't agree with.this does not mean by any means that tate was not up for some good mischief...we all know the paper bag on the porch story...  he spoke in his farewell talk how he met a homeless man recently and talked to him for quite a long time.  tate spoke of how this conversation affected him and how his testimony grew of the Savior's love for everyone.  here is a paragraph from tate's letter home...

 the devotionals are amazing down here and when you get two thousand missionaries singing called to serve in one building, i get chills every time hah its the most insane thing i have ever witnessed. one thing i have learned over the past little bit is to love everyone. you may not know there background info or what there story is but everyone in this world chose to come to it and recieve the gospel, some just havent had the opportunity yet. that has changed my opinion of a lot of people here as well as home. everyone is just as deserving as the other one. god loves us equally. so that has been really cool. i have also realized that i dont care how many baptisms i have on my mission, i want people to find out for themselves why this gospel is so great! its not my job to force them into just trying to make their relationship with god better! 

this is sweet hattie j. with her uncle tate....oh how he loves this little one!

                              this big "LITTLE" girl has stolen uncle tate's heart!

tate misses his friends and speaks often of them in his letters and how excited for them to go on their missions.  he has met new friends and looks forward to seeing his pocatello buddies in the mtc.

my companion continues to sleep talk EVERY NIGHT. thats pretty hilarious.

here is a key of the people i will probably talk about and who they remind me of. 

Elder Matagi (Samoan) is like my best friend here....he reminds me of ean and we laugh all the time...
Elder Grammer (huge kid from arkansas, on track team for Naval Academy) is hilarious and reminds me of Nick Bickley 
Elder Beeston (my baseball brother) haha we talk about baseball a lot and have a lot in common... you will get pictures of all these guys at some point...

 i love you guys and miss you guys but we got some advice from a member of the 70 yesterday.....HANG IN THERE... so thats what i am doing...i love it and cant wait to get to chile even if i struggle with the language and stuff! love you guys! 

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  1. So fun to hear how he is doing! He sounds awesome. Thanks for sharing and tell him the Belnaps are praying for him! Sylvia