Monday, September 17, 2012

first letter is here!

here is his first email home

hey everyone! my pday is monday so tahts when i wil be emailing everyone. im not going to worry about capitalizing and all that stuff because it takes too much time. mom can fix it if she wants. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM I LOVE YOU LOTS! eat some cake for me! k so here we go im gonna try and tell you as much as i can in thirty minutes.
my companions name is elder frost. he is from american fork and was a swimmer in highschool. he is a little socaially awkward and gets on my nerves a little bit but who wouldnt when you have to be with them 24/7. haha he is ok. i really just want to get to chile. but the mtc is awesome. actually, the first night, elder frost had a bad dream and woke up screaming and jumped off the top bunk and ate crap...scared me so bad...i yelled shit at the top of my lungs hahahahahah good way to start. anyways. my roomates are cool. i get along with one of them really well. his name is elder sperry. he looks like chris farley no joke. funny kid. very funny. he puts dads farts to shame. haha. ummm lets see...
my teacher is hermano snyder and i couldnt have asked for a better one. he makes spanish so fun and easy. they do not speak english to you at all so they pretty much force you to pick up the language quick. i can already testify, pray, and teach full lessons in spanish. its crazy what you can do with the spirit helping you.
my zone is the best zone here. i have elder jensen (blake) so thats good to know someone. but other then him i have a polynesian elder in my zone who reminds me of ean...he is probably one of my best friends at the time....we laugh everytime we talk...he is awesome...i will send pictures of him soon as well as others. there is also another kid who loves baseball and i get along with him really well...our zone leaders are cool as well. Elder nielsen is going to go play basketball at southern utah university when he is done....btw i tore it up in basketball the other day...haha didnt miss. there is also some very cool other elders that i will send pics of.
another cool thing is austin boyd lives two floors up in the same building. i talk to him every night and it makes me not so homesick haha. i love that kid to death. my branch president is a THUG. haha he has some major swag and looks like he is about 90. but its cool. he will interview me this next week so i will let you know how that goes.
at night, me and some of the elders play "corbata". its like horse but you spell corbata which is tie in spanish. the loser has to give up a tie to the winner. its hilarious.dani. i saw the hatch family eating there lunch and it made my day a lot easier...tell them thank you for talking to me ha. anytime i get letters or get to talk to people i know from home or something it helps me a lot. calms me down and stuff so taht was cool.
the food here at the CCM (tyson). thats mtc in spanish. is decent haha im just always hungry so everthign sounds good. hopefully i dont get fat...oh well...the chocolate milk is amazing. haha i do push ups and sit ups every night tho so i shoudl be good. i get really tired haha like mentally, spiritually, and physically. just because im not used to the schedule yet yeahhh...
oh by the way, i started reading the book of mormon again and i love it. i cannot get enough of it. it is amazing how i never really got into it before haha. crazy stuff that i actually read huh mom? i miss everyone so mom send pictures of family, friends, adn anything else.
during gym time we usually play basektball....or soccer...hahah i never thought soccer would be this fun but my zone is freaking hilarious and they kill me. its seriously like im with all my best friends again jsut not as crude:) i could compare so many people to all my friends...i like to people watch too! its fun.
TELL EVERYONE TO WRITE MORE. IF THEY SEND A LETTER ON DEARELDER.COM BEFORE 12. IT GETS TO ME THAT NIGHT. SO TELL EVERYONE EVEN IF IT IS JUST A PARAGRAPH:) PLEASE.but again happy birthday....dont worry about me...the lord is on my side and i am doing amazing...i cant believe ive been here almost a week...things are flying by!   TELL EVERYONE TO WRITE DANGET:):):)
and send pictures...of family and friends....i know i told you that a lot but i really want that. 

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