Saturday, June 7, 2014

raindrops keep falling...

raindrops keep falling...while on our girl's trip to oregon several times one of us would comment on how green things were.  everything was beautiful and colorful.  it seemed as if the color palate had been turned up to the highest volume.  we were in awe of the beauty of the rich colors that surrounded us.  one day as we were on one of our road trips the rain began to hit the windshield.  it started slowly but worked up to a very strong and powerful rainstorm.  our windshield wipers were working over time.  we kept driving and maneuvering the small country road that we were on...doing our best to stay our course.  when after what seemed quite awhile the rain stopped and the sun came out  and began shining on the green country side. i will never forget coming around the bend in the road and looking at the amazing colors of the land as the sun shone down after the rainstorm.  i have faith  that this is what it looks like after going through our earthly trials.  i know that what we learn while having our trials will make us stronger. trials makes us want to love and feel and hug and and squeeze and and live and hold onto each other more.  if we can just endure and  just wait till we get around the bend in our road of life  we have been promised that it will all be worth it.  here is to the rainstorms in our lives...

tate's message...

 It started a little rain cycle today so that's always fun. I literally love just walking around when it's dumping rain. I don't know why I have come to love it so much. I think I must be a real Chilean now or something. Speaking of rain tho. Life can kinda be like a rainstorm sometimes. I have felt like that a few times during my mission. When no matter how hard you try to get out of a storm, sometimes you just can't. And you just have to wait until it stops raining. And then everything is normal again. And everything is always prettier after as well. Sometimes we find ourselves in trials or hard times and all we want to do is just get out. But god knows that things are always prettier for us after our trials. We always learn. And things always get normal or better again.

This week for me went by so fast. I thought things were going to start calming down but I've learned that they never do. I don't know if that's how life is or if just being in the mission office is like that. Monday started off pretty slow though. We had our usual office meeting and then after lunch we had a meeting with president to start changes. It weird to think that once again we are starting changes. I feel like we just did them. But time seems to keep going faster even when we don't want it to. 

Anyways Tuesday was probably the most normal day. We worked in the office and then went out to a meeting with our elders quorum president but it was cut short by a call from president needing us to go pick up some sister missionaries that were standing outside his house in the rain waiting for him. But he wasn't getting home for a while because of the rain. So we did that and then went home.

 Wednesday was crazy. We got a random call from president at 10 in the morning saying we needed to take an elder to see a doctor in Santiago. And then right as we got back we headed to the other end of our mission to do special changes. It was a day in the car. A lot of time to relax and meditate which is always good. I have come to love the down time I have to meditate now. There is true power in just sitting back and thinking about life for a while. And trying to figure out what we need to stop doing. What we need to keep doing. And what we need to start doing. Three simple questions that can change our lives.We got home pretty late Wednesday and we just hit the sack.

 Oh hey I also got my flight plans. That was weird. But pretty cool as well. Looks like I will get home about noon on the 13th. WOAH... Mom sent me a message after she saw them that said "woo". But I know for a fact she was going crazy with excitement. hahahah love you mom. 

 Thursday and Friday were pretty chill days. We had some long meetings with president about changes. I love president and Hermana warne. I will miss them tons. They have truly changed my life. Well I hope you all have a good week.  Love you guys.!!! Chaooooo!!! 

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