Sunday, June 15, 2014

keep aiming...

keep our driveway stands a well worn basketball hoop.  this hoop has entertained three harding kids on many a morning, afternoon and night.  all three of our children played basketball all the way through high school.  they would spend many hours our there practicing their shot.  greg would be out there with them at times giving advice and encouragement.  aim higher...aim more to the left...aim a little to the right.  some shots went in and some shots fell short but they kept shooting over and over again.  the hoop looks tired and worn and the chain net is broken in places but yet it stands if begging for someone to take a shot. summer is here and our little neighborhood is full of kids coming and going.  our basketball hoop that once was forgotten has gotten new life.  the neighborhood kids seem to congregate in our driveway to play a little game of basketball.  they aim...they shoot...sometimes they miss and sometimes they make a shot.  greg and i don't mind that the neighborhood kids are at our brings back memories and makes us smile.  so to them we say keep aiming...

tate's message...

 Well this week I heard a quote that I really liked. 

"Aim at heaven and you can get earth thrown in. Aim at earth and you get neither"

It really made me think about all my goals and what I am really striving for in this life. So many times I feel like we get caught up in aiming for the world.  God has given us this world and all the things in it. But this world and all the things in it are not the goal in mind. The end goal is to gain eternal life with our families. The goal is something heavenly. Not something worldly. Where do our hearts lie? Are we thinking more about the material rewards in this life than the heavenly rewards. Are we doing all the heavenly things right now to aim our life's at heaven. You can only point a gun in one direction. You're either pointing at the world, or pointing at heaven.

 Just like the quote says. If we aim at earth, we get nothing after this life. If we live by the worlds standards, we get nothing. If we pick our friends opinions over gods, we get nothing. God is willing to give us both. But only when we aim for heaven. How could we ever even think to live with god again in heaven if we never even bothered to think about him on earth. Or never even bothered to do what he wanted us to do on earth. It sounds ridiculous to me that we would think that. But often times we do without even knowing. I am grateful for a savior who forgives me when I mess up. Who forgives me when I aim at earth and fail. Over and over again I aim at earth and fall. And he picks me up and points the way to heaven again. But not only does he point. But he walks with me until I fall again and he can help me once more. I know that he lives. I'm so far from perfect but I know the more I can focus in heavenly treasures, the more I gain. And the more I focus in worldly things, the more I lose. But family. Where are you pointed!? 

 This week was a pretty busy one. Nothing way too exciting happened but we did have a lot of meetings with president. We finished changes finally and by that time the week had already passed by. I can't believe how fast time is passing. Monday we had a day full of meetings. It's usually like that though. A lot of planning. Planning for the future of the mission. And we also helped a new missionary couple find a new house.

 Tuesday we had another meeting with president and started really hitting the changes hard. The last little part of changes is always hard because you have to fine tune every little detail. But in the end it's all for the benefit of the mission and missionaries. 

Wednesday we headed  to buin in the morning to do a few quick little things and then we were just back in rancagua for the day. It has been dumping rain lately. Last winter it barely even rained compared to this winter. But I absolutely love the rain. I will miss it considering it barely even rains back in good old Idaho. 

Thursday was a finalization day with changes and then Friday was the first chile game in the World Cup so the whole mission had to enter their houses early. President decided it would be a better use of it time in the house studying and planning then out in the rain talking to people who are way too preoccupied with the game. Agreed. The world over here shuts down when there is a big soccer game. It was awesome whenever chile scored literally everyone in the country yelled at the top of their lungs. 

I also want to say something for father’s day. last night as made some pizza for dinner, the new office elder (elder hall from Idaho falls) had just gotten a package from his family and they sent him mountain dew. My first thoughts went straight to greg! So greg last night I sipped on some mountain dew just for you old guy! Thank you for everything you have ever done for me. And for everything you keep doing for me. You are my biggest example and my best friend. When I get back I will drink one more dew with you before I stop drinking soda again haha.. love you dad. Youre the best! 

Love you guys. This next week I probably won't sleep. So pray hard for me hahah. Chaoooooo 

Elder Harding. 

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