Sunday, May 18, 2014


share... i have never been one to easily ask someone to read the book of mormon or come to church or to have the missionaries visit them.  for me...i share what i believe in by my actions and example.  this week i will be leaving a job that  i have had for the past eight years.  i have worked closely with people that i will miss seeing every day.  i have tried through out the years to be a good example to them.  i have been a friend...someone that they can confide in and not worry that i will share what with others what we have talked about. i have tried to be a positive and happy person although i too have had sad days along the way.  i have shared my thoughts and beliefs along the way hoping to make their struggles a little easier.  the interesting thing about this is that in return i have been touched also by their kindness and example to me.  this is what friendship means to me.  sharing a piece of your self with others.  these people that i speak of are truly friends that i will miss.  i am glad that we could share a little bit or ourselves with each other.  sharing with a friend and not expecting anything in return is what being a friend is truly about.

tate's message...

share...Charity is not letting someone 

else get lost along the way.

Think about all the friends we have in this world who may be a little lost. Who may need a little help. Who may not know what to do, where to turn, or who to trust. 

If we truly love our friends we will do everything possible to help them find true happiness. And I know without a doubt. Just as much as all of you know without a doubt where true happiness is found in this life. That's why I am out here. Because I have something that others don't. So help them find it. That's my challenge this weeks find a friend who is looking for true happiness and help them recognize where it is found. 

It was so awesome to talk to you last Sunday. It was weird at the same time knowing that I will never have to Skype you guys again. I will be able to just see you guys. But it was a good time. I love you all. 

Monday went by so fast it was crazy. We went for a nice morning run and then got ready and went to the office for our Monday office meeting. That went well as usual and after president invited us over to eat lunch and also to talk about redoing the mission website. So lunch was way good Monday . Always good in the mission home. We had the meeting and then me and elder ralda stuck around to update some information for president in his office.  Then we just left straight from there to go to San Fernando to do a few interviews.

 I had a really cool experience there tho. As we started doing a teaching practice with a sister missionary, I learned a valuable lesson. That the gospel is  easy testifying that god lives and that Christ died for us. That they love us. And they have a plan with steps of things that we have to do to be able to live with them again. This little Hermana from Peru shared a scripture and Testified of Christ and of god. And with tears in her eyes said that she knows that this gospel is true. The room got quiet and I was grateful for the little sister missionary and her example to me. Sometimes in this life we make things so complicated when really they are so simple. God doesn't want to frustrate us. He wants us to see how simple life is and how easy it can be. And that's why he gives us the gospel. 

Tuesday we wee back in San Fernando all day long. It was a pretty long day in not going to lie. But all went well as always. 

Wednesday we were back in the north in buin. More interviews. More getting to know all the missionaries. Awesome day. We also that night opened a 40 kilo back of ties (as you can see in the pictures) . It costed like 20 bucks and we split it between the 4 of us. I found some CLASSY ties. It was a good time. We spent quite some time picking out all the ties that we wanted. But it was so worth it.

 Thursday we went to Santa Cruz for interviews and it was one of the longer days. We didn't get back here until like 8:00 pm. And then president wanted us to do a few things for him so that took us to the end of the night. 

 Friday we stayed in rancagua. It was a chill day and after interviews president gave us the rest of the day off to relax and get some things done because we won't get a Pday again this week. But we just stayed in the office and hung around and did some stuff anyways. We had some good fun as you can see in the pictures. Weird things happen when you in an office all day. But I'm so grateful for these guys. We have such a good time. It is awesome.

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