Saturday, May 24, 2014

be happy...

be happy... what is it that makes YOU happy?  make a list...write it down...take the will amaze you...i promise.  the things that bring you happiness can turn a gray day into one of sunshine.  here is my list: the list goes on.  so many blessings that are mine.  there is no way that can i not be happy with everything that i have been blessed with.  happiness can be shared with others around is contagious.  smile the next time you are waiting in line...say hello to someone you see along your way...hold a door for someone...give a of will brighten someones day.  just be happy!

tate's message:

This week I think I learned a lot about being more grateful and just enjoying life. I started reading the Book of Mormon again and I realized that the very first thing nephi says in the very first verse of the book of Mormon is how grateful he is for goodly parents and for being blessed by The Lord. The very first thing written in the most important book on the face of the planet is someone being grateful for what he has. I am so grateful for what I have been given. We are blessed daily and we have no reason to be sad or upset in this life. But we have every reason to be happy and enjoy every second. I remember mom always quoting Gordon b hinckley. "This life is to be enjoyed, not just endured."

I challenge us to all be more grateful and look at the bright side in life. If you aren't happy, that's your choice. We have all the power to be happy in this life. And we can help others find happiness as well. I'm grateful for all of you and everything god has blessed me with. I love life. And I enjoy every experience I have whether good or bad. 

 Monday me and elder johns went for a run and it had been a few days since we ran last so it was pretty hard not gonna lie. But I always feel really good after a nice run. I think I will always be a runner now. Then we had our usual Monday morning office meeting that went really well. We will be working with a new senior couple here in a few weeks so that should be fun. They are really nice!! After us and the other four office elders went to lunch at a Chinese restaurant. It was decent. Obviously not mandarin house worthy or panda worthy but for chile it was decent. And then we went and picked up the mail. Relaxed for the rest of our lunch break. And then hit the work. Mondays are usually pretty busy. The other missionaries have Pday so they are always coming in and we also have to do statistics and stuff. So it takes a while.

 I did happen to get an email from tanner nielson though. I miss that guy! Ha. It was good to hear from a good friend. Tell the Nielson family hi and that I love them. Oh and that I miss Sally's oatmeal chocolate chip cookies a ton. 

We ended the night by getting an email from president saying that elder salas from the 70 will be coming to our mission this next week. So looks like I will be pretty busy for the next couple weeks. As if the time wasn't already going by way to fast, now it will fly. There will be a ton of preparation to do so should be fun. I love it here. It keeps me busy and giving it my all. I don't really have time to slack off or relax so that's a good thing.  We walked home. It was a pretty cold night. I hope it starts raining soon!! But we ended the night with some hot chocolate.

 Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday flew by as we were traveling everyday doing interviews and then when we would get back it was prepare for the next day. I learn so much from everyone of the missionaries out here. They are all examples to me. I have been so blessed to get to know so many of them. 

We stayed in a hotel again Thursday and it was weird again. Just sitting there all night. But also I loved the shower. I didn't have to bend over to get under the water and there was an actual water heater  so I was in heaven. We finished up the interviews with the last zone and I slept the whole two hours home.

 Have a good week!!! Chao 

Love elder Harding 

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