Saturday, May 3, 2014


pEaCe... i knew that it would be hard...i prayed for was hard...i tried to be hurt...i was disappointed...i was angry...i wanted to give up...i cried...i prayed again...just when i need to be heavenly father reached out to me...i know he feels my pain...i know he knows my heart...i know that he has a plan for me...he gave me hope...he gave me love...

moroni 10:20  "wherefore there must be faith; and if there must be faith there must be hope; and if there must   be hope there must also be charity."

he gave me peace...

tate's message...

 One thing that really touched my heart was a lady we taught who said "I don't know why I let you in. I never do. I just had a feeling this time. She now had a date to get baptized and we had an amazing lesson. She told us the only thing she wants to find is just peace in her life. I know that we can have a complete peace only through this gospel. I see it daily and feel it daily. True peace comes from knowing that Christ died for us and lives for us. And that he has established his church on earth in this day so we can some day live with our families forever. That's peace my friends. If it's not then I don't know what is.

 Monday in the morning we had the regular office meeting and coordinated all the stuff we need to do. Right afterwards we went to get mail and I got my package. I think everything was in there. Hi chews. Granola bars. Licorice. Rubber band.  1 Journal. Jerky. Fruit roll ups.  So I think we are all good. Thank you so much. I won't need you to send me anything else I don't think. I'm pretty sure that was the last of the packages. Otherwise I will just be bringing stuff home ha. President and sister warne invited us over to eat lunch to kinda say goodbye and thanks to elder archibald who will be leaving the office this change. It will be sad but the new secretary is a cool kid so we are also way excited. 

This week we had a lot planned for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. And the next week will be NUTS so we had to take advantage of monday night and Friday night to get everything planned and organized for the next week. I will not sleep at all the next week. Or at least Monday until Wednesday I won't hahah! Woo!!! 

Tuesday we were walking around centro in the morning running some errands with the secretaries and for president and then in the afternoon we had a meeting with president to plan even more stuff. So our day was jam packed again.

 Wednesday  We had a normal morning. Some studies and then some office work. We also had a sick lunch. We ate with the new office couples house (the ditlevsens) and it was legit. Afterwards elder ditlevsen played us a bunch of songs on the guitar. He is an inspirational man and always loves to tell us stories and stuff.  Then after that elder ditlevsen took the car and got into a little wreck so we spent the rest of the day doing stuff with that trying to figure out what was needed to be done. It was just a weird day. Full of weird little occurrences. But hey. I'm weird sometimes. The missions weird sometimes.  And life's just weird sometimes. So just gotta go with the flow I guess.. 

Thursday was a wet day. We did divisions in the pouring rain!!! I love the rain here though. We saw so many miracles. The members really helped us tons. It is cool to see the members and the missionaries come together to bring people to Christ. 

 Friday for some reason was a harder day. We got home at 130 in the morning the night before from divisions so I was really tired. But we just had so much to do there was no time to rest a little more.  So we got to the office and president had sent us like 7 emails of things to do so we went ahead and did like half of those and then it was time for lunch. And then just finished them when we got back as well as we had to plan our segment for they monthly zone leader meeting next week. It's amazing to me how no matter how busy or crazy things are, wherever you are, you can sit down say a prayer and study the scriptures and apply it to your life. And really really benefit from it. I have found that often times I am happiest when I have ten minutes to read the scriptures and apply them to my life. That's my invitation this week. No matter the situation or how busy. Find the time to read every single day and apply it to your life. You will see miracles if you do it.

 I love you guys. Have a good week!!! You're the best. We will Skype in one week!!! WOO!!!!! Weird it's the last time. 

Elder Harding 

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