Monday, November 18, 2013

iT is nEvEr a ChIleAn mEaL wiThouT a CoKe...

iT is nEvEr a ChileAn mEaL wiThouT a CoKe...

tate never drank pop...never liked the burn as it went down his throat.  he survived on water, milk and country time lemonade.  now that he is on his mission in chile he never goes a meal without having a coke to drink with it.

tate's message...

 happy birthday dani!!! i love you and hope you have an amazing day!! thanks for always supporting me in everything i do and have some cake for me...!! 

Hey so Monday started off really sad in the morning a packed all my things and then me and Dixon just say around talking about good old time talking about the good memories from the past 4 months. Time flew by. We then went to the computers and wrote you guys and all that stuff and then the assistants came and picked me up. I said my final goodbyes to Dixon and the other house comps and then hit the road for an hour until San Fernando. Farmland. It is really pretty and I am excited. I didn't meet my comp right at first. I was on divisions with an elder loveridge from California. He is a really cool kid and I love with him so that should be fun. I met my company later. He is from Mexico City. Really cool kid but very focused so I am excited to work with him. We had a decent day with some contacts, a few lessons, and then ended with a family home evening. I was so tired when we got home so we planned and them just went to bed. Well get used to San Fernando cuz I'll probably be here for a while. 

Tuesday was a really long morning short afternoon kinda day. In the morning we had to go to every sector of the zone to fumigate them. It took from ten in the morning until 4 in the afternoon. And then we finally got the game to eat lunchc so we went to the house to eat and rest for abjure before going to a lesson with a girl who will get baptized the 23rd. We taught her about fasting and fast offerings. Rough lesson cuz her kid was trying to draw on my face the whole time haha. But ended well and she understood. Next we did some contacts and as we were talking about how we wanted to find a family. It happened. We started talking to a very tall man with a jerry curl mullet and at first he told us he forgot about god and didn't believe anymore. But after telling him about our message and inviting him and his family to listen to it, they let us in. We taught them the lesson and at the end the man said that he wanted to change his life and be forgiven for the things he had done. They are a really good family and I am excited to work with them. God definitely changed that guys mind from not believing to wanting to change. It's really cool to see someone want to do something and change for the better. We ended the night with correlation with our ward mission leader and then it was home to go to bed. Good day full of good lessons and miracles. 

Wednesday was a really good day. Wednesday was a good but really tiring day. This Mexican is working my butt off hahah he has got an amazing work ethic so I'm learning a lot. We started with district meeting in the morning. And then hit up lunch. Porrotos. (Ask Troy). Ha and then it was a day full of a little bit of everything. Looking for less actives. Looking for old investigators. Teaching. A little bit of everything. We ended the night pretty funny tho. We found a 90 year old member who hadn't had a visitor in a really long time so we decided to talk to her. She was the funniest old lady ever. I sent a pic of her home haha. She just told us about how mean her neighbor was haha. She was a sweet old lady. We got back to the house dead tired so we planned and just went to bed.

 Thursday went really well for us. In the morning we headed to the chapel to do some computer stuff but all the other computers were all occupied so we just talked to the gringo branch presidente who is from pocatello haha his last name is warren. Idk if anyone would know him but he is pretty old but it's cool to talk to him. We had lunch in the house and took a nap so that was bomb. Next we taught Samuel. He is a recent convert and it was awesome to see his excitement about the book of Mormon and how he will be getting the priesthood this Sunday. It's the little changes that you see out here in people that really make it worth it. We then had a lesson with Scarlet and her mom. She is a little nine year old girl and we taught them about praying reading going to church and keeping the commandants. Those four things are essential. So do them. Next we had a really heartbreaking lesson. We went to house and taught a lady. But the heartbreaking part is her six year old grandson. He lives in a pretty hard situation. His dad is a drug addict and all he told us was he wanted to go to church and meet friends. I had some thoughts about how lucky I was to grow up in the gospel. I want to do everything I can to help that kid and his grandma get to the church.

 Friday was a really good day also. We first headed to the Chapel in the morning to deliver some materials to some missionaries and also to do some computer work as always. Then lunch we had to go pick up and take it home cuz we can't eat alone with the sisters of the wards. But it is always pretty nice to go get it and get back and take a little snooze haha. Next we had a really good lesson with Alicia. We taught her about baptism and the importance of it. She accepted a date to get baptized and we are really excited. We should be helping quite a few people here in the next little while. Next was a lesson with Nazareth. We taught her about the scriptures and how important it is to read. We read some chapters from second nephi 33. (Read it) she understood and she says she loves reading and she feels good after. It's the little things like that which motivate me a lot ha. We ended the night with Futbol. I was really tired from this weeks work so I didn't play much haha. He is working me pretty hard but I love it.

 Saturday was a pretty relaxed day. In the morning we did computer stuff and then had lunch.  Spaghetti and hot dog octopuses. Really good. Then we headed to the baptism for the zone and we actually had an investigator and her dad( who randomly decided to come) show up and her dad was really excited and wants to start learning. Miracles. After we got the changes. Me and elder chagoyan are obviously staying together but we will be living with a brand new missionary cuz the other elder we live with will be training. I hope he is a gringo haha. Then we just spent the rest of the day visiting random people and inviting them to church. Pretty good day. We got back and planned and then we called everyone about changes. Of course we played some jokes and made it fun for us and miserable for everyone else.

 Sunday went pretty well for us. We had five of our investigators show up to church. So god blessed us pretty big on that one. As of now we have 4 baptisms planned for next week. I had to introduce myself at church as usual when you get to a new sector. After church we went to the hospital real quick to visit a sick member and then got home. We planned for an hour and then headed to lunch. Fried fish and Chilean salads. Pretty good ha. Oh and obviously coke. It's never a Chilean meal without coke. After we finished planning and then it was off the work. We had one lesson with Maria. This old grandma who is hilarious. She should get baptized this week so be praying for her and her family. We taught her tithing and she said "I will pay tithing cuz I want to test god and his promise" a lot of faith coming from a lady who can barely support her family. After that we just visited some members to get references.

 I hope you guys take the time to give references to missionaries. Cuz walking in the street all day isn't fun. So just think about me walking in the Chilean sun all day when they ask for references. Ha. Hopefully that motivates you. We had to pass days until like 130 AM so I was pretty tired. That was my week tho.  Love you. 

Oh and happy bday travy.... Have a dew on me buddy. Love you. 

Elder Harding 

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