Monday, November 11, 2013

i DiD mY pArT tOdAy...

i DiD mY pArT tOdAy... we all have had days like this...we do the best we can and yet still feel like it wasn't quite enough.  it is important that we remember everyday to be a little better then we were yesterday and try a little harder than we did the day before.  sometimes it feels like although we have tried our best  the outcome isn't as we have hoped.  we must keep faith in knowing that we have done our part and know that heavenly father knows our hearts. sometimes it takes a missionary son to remind this to his mom...

tate's message...
i'm not gonna lie tho this week and last couple of days I have been more tired than ever. I think as the mission goes on I just get more and more tired every day. But it's all good. I always have just enough to get me through the day and back into bed. I think that's kinda how our lives are. We need to do just enough every day to be able to get home and say "i did my pArt today. Now on to the next day". I think if we can say that then we will be okay in this life.  please go watch this video...THIS IS AMAZING!

mom... i might sound like a missionary when i say this... but do the little things... pray, read the book of mormon, and go to church. those three things will bring more peace into your life then you can imagine and i know that it will help you. 

Tuesday was the longest day ever but a really good one. We had a meeting in the mission home in the morning and we ate lunch there and had chicken bacon Alfredo. So good. And it was fun to see all my friends who are in the other parts of the mission. One thing that stuck to my mind was that we don't negotiate the commandments of god. They are set in stone and if we don't keep them then we just lose blessings. So yeah.  We got back and immediately did divisions with some young men in our ward.

 I went with Gucci and Freddy to visit some people and we actually had a lot of success. We met a lot of good people and had a good time. Also something is that we are  helping a kid named pato get ready for a mission so I am loving that. I'm excited for him.

Wednesday was a good day as well. We had district meeting and then me and Dixon went home and took a definitely necessary nap for about an hour and then went to Patos house to help him with some homework he had. After that we visited an inactive member and set up a family home evening with her and with our branch president. And then we visited an 8 year old girl named kiara and taught her about lying. She is a cute little girl but has been lying to her mom about homework and stuff so we taught her about that. She will be getting baptized here in a few weeks. After we had a really spiritual lesson with another inactive member of our ward. (If you remember when I gave the old lady a blessing and then 15 mins later she passed away. That was his mom). Actually something cool happened. We were going to teach him about the importance of the Book of Mormon. But when we got there he saw that my companion had a Book of Mormon in his hand and said "hey I wanted to share something with you guys". He opened the book and shared a scripture that he said changed his life. His wife had cheated in him and he was barely investigating the church and he found a scripture that helped him through his hard times. He shared a 10 minute testimony of the Book of Mormon and we didn't have to teach him anything. I think god had already planned on us being there at that exact moment to help that man out. We shared tears, laughs, and some good old Chilean bread and cheese. It was a good way to end the night. Amazing how good life can be when we follow gods plan and not our own. 

Thursday we had to go to Santiago for my toe and Alejandra my doctor (still on a first name basis and now she is sending me her sons English homework to help can say we are pretty good friends) says that my toe is doing a lot better. So hooray for that and hooray for not ugly feet/toes. We also met a couple from Montpelier so that was way funny. We talked to them for a little while and then just came home. We started the day off by going and doing some contacts. No one let us in:) hahah talk about a good round of knocking doors. Oh well. We tried at least and that's all we can do. Then we had a lesson with Miriam. Who is ready to get baptized just waiting for the divorce papers to go through so please pray for her. And after we had a meeting with our ward mission leader and he is way cool and excited to work so it will help to have him there and have that support from the branch. And that's how we ended the night. 

Friday was a hard day to say the least. I'm the morning it was fine because we had a good lesson with a member dad about his son and how we would like to help him get baptized. He said he was all for it and that   we had his support. We ate lunch with the Paraguay Family in our branch and then the day got hard. We had one lesson planned for the whole afternoon from 330 to 8. So we went to that lesson and then we decided to do contacts for the other time we had left....we must be ugly or mean looking cuz not one single person let us in it even wanted to talk to us. Then again contacts have never really worked for me. So I think I will stick to other ways of working. We went and played soccer at 8 for the rest of the night. It ended up being a really long night because pato (the kid who has needed a lot of help with his seminary homework to be able to graduate) came over and we stayed up really late helping him. He had to finish before Saturday. But we got it done so it looks like he will graduate. Woo.

 Saturday started with service. And practically ended with service as we painted their fence all day long. Got quite the farmers tan and it was draining but service is always fun. We had time to leave a little bit in the night time and visit some people. First we visited a less active family we are working with. We read the first chapter of the Book of Mormon with them to get them started on there family studies. Hopefully that will give them a jump start. Then we had a family home evening that went pretty well. Once again we watched the Mormon message called "look to the light". Go watch it. It's good:). We ended the night that way. When we got home I got a call from my best friend in chile. Jean Paul Valdez from my first sector. He just got married but says he will wait for me to get sealed in the temple. I love him like a brother. It was good to hear from him and he said he is coming to visit me next Sunday so be looking forward to that. It will be cool.

Sunday was a sad day for me considering a got the call in the morning saying I was leaving to San Fernando Monday. I spent all day saying bye to all my favorite members and all my investigators. I hope to keep in contact with all of them. I love the people of villa teniente and I always will.

 I know I am needed in another place now and I will go there with the attitude of finding out why. I'm excited to see what will happen there. I'll let u know ASAP. :). Love u guys. Thanks for everything.

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