Monday, November 4, 2013

hApPy AnNiVeRsArY...Ty & Dani...

hApPy AnNiVeRsArY...Ty & Dani...

tyson and dani met when they were babies...well actually 16 years old.  dani was backyard neighbors with my brother troy and sister in law emily.  they always told tyson that they had thee cutest girl for him to meet.  one weekend they brought her down to meet tyson.  fast forward to tyson getting off of his mission.  he told me that he had been writing dani and that he was heading down to utah to visit with her and that was the beginning of their love story...we are so blessed as a family that tyson married dani and that she is part of our family.  the bonus is that they make the cutest kids...hazyl joy and hattie j.  happy anniversary ty and dani <3

tate's message...

 i wanna give a shout out to my brother and sister in law who are celebrating their anniversary this week! thank you for everything you guys do for me and for always supporting me and being good examples! you guys are the best and deserve nothing but the best during this week so enjoy it. i love you guys a lot and love hazyl and hattie as well! they are growing too fast so tell them to stop cuz its gettin on my nerves. i feel like i'm missing tons but i know  i will have plenty of time with them after! but really thanks for everything! love you

Hey family. Another week gone. Crazy. Monday was a very relaxed day as we got up cleaned around the house a little bit and then me and Dixon went to an Internet cafe to pass numbers for the week as well as write our families and friends.  But then after that we went to go eat at a really good pizza place. I would have taken pictures but it was gone before I realized pictures would have been cool. We then went to the office and picked up some mail.and then went back to the house and just relaxed for an hour. I got letters from mat west, the Bickley family, and gma and gpa kunz. Thanks to all you guys who took the time to write me. Means the world. We had two lessons Monday night. One with a very very inactive family. We watched the Mormon message "look to the light"  We invited them to pray as a family and ask god to help them forgive and have a united family and they said no. We didn't know what to say. I had never had such a spiritual lesson and then just have it end like that. But I realized that a lot of the time things don't end the way we want them too. As much as I wanted to see that family pray and just forgive each other right then. I realized everything has it's time and place. And it's ALL in gods hands. All we have to do is put in our effort and let him guide us and he will do the rest

Tuesday was a really hard day for me. We did everything possible to find someone to teach and it didn't happen. Those days are always hard and tiring cuz it seems like you are walking in the street more than teaching or helping people

 Wednesday was a little better. We started with district meeting as usual and then for lunch me and elder Dixon went to our favorite empanada place. We got back to the house and immediately had to leave to work. It started off slow again and not very many people were letting us in but then we visited some recent converts and then an investigator. So we ended up being in some houses Wednesday so it was a little better and we ended at the ward Halloween party. The members are really stepping up and inviting friends and everything so we are excited cuz we met a really cool family there. We will be visiting them this next week to teach them. The past few days have been pretty cold actually. Kinda like bit tho because it's a nice break from the oven we usually have to work in haha. Oh and I took some pictures of me and some jovenes at the party so be looking for those.

Thursday was just a day full of nothing  in the morning we did a lot of computer work and then in the afternoon we were in a car all day driving around with bishop Godoy (served with Troy in talca) fumigating the houses for bugs. We had to go with him to all the houses of the zone and we left at four and didn't get back til 7. Driving in the car all day made me really tired . I hadn't been in a car for that long in like a year. When we finally got back we got invited to a family home evening at a house. The same house as Monday night.  we are really trying to get to the mom and gain her confidence so any chance we get we go. Except this time the whole family was there. They are my favorite family in this sector. Really fun to go over and the three daughters are really cool and always ask us questions. That's where we ended the night.

 Friday was another testing day for me. In the morning we didn't get much of a study cuz bishop Godoy came by to fumigate our house so then we had to go to the church and plan a little bit because we couldn't be in the house. I don't like when I don't get a good study in which is weird cuz I never really liked to study before the mission. But then we had lunch and then another pretty long day. A lot of time in the street and not getting much done. I can't tell if it's just a test of our faith or if it is because we are doing something wrong. Only time will tell and I trust god that he will help us. We ended the night with soccer and a meeting with our ward mission leader. I didn't play tho cuz I was just really tired and didn't feel like it. I have been really tired this week. Probably due to the heat.

 Saturday was freakin hot haha. We had English classes in the morning and then were jam packed in the afternoon with lessons. We also found out that one of our investigators, Joyce, that moved away, was found once again miraculously by some sister missionaries who just happened to pass by her house when she was outside. Gods hand? Or coincidence? So I thought that was really cool. Shows our work with her wasn't lost. We ended the night at a birthday dinner for one of our favorite families in the ward. Right now we are trying to help the son go on a mission and I think he will choose to go. It's been a cool experience talking to him about what he wants to do with his life

 Sunday was even hotter no joke. Hah. But it was a decent day. We didn't have a lot of time to work because lunch went late and then we had to plan for next week so we got out for just a couple hours and that was it. We did have a really good family home evening with one of my favorite famines actually so that ended our night in a good note.

I realized a lot this week that a lot of the time we will do our best and give it our all and still come up short. But thanks to our savior and his atonement we don't have to feel like failures. Our weaknesses can become strengths and we can push on. Hard week for me and my comp but there is only one direction to go. Forward. Love you guys. Today we are taking our zone to go give blood for a sister in our ward who has leukemia. Should be a good experience.Love you  guys

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