Monday, August 19, 2013

mY bRoThEr...nIcK...

mY bRoThEr...nIcK...tate always talked about a coach SORRELL. 

                                                     nick and tate senior year

 he liked him...he looked up to him...he considered him a friend...and now tate has him as a brother.  nick joined our family a little over a year ago after dating taryn for two years.  he joined this big mormon family...not really knowing what to expect.  he has jumped right in at family get togethers.  he usually has at least one or two kids hanging on him at any given time.

                             gramma kunz and her grandsons
                                 nick and tate on the right

  he is my favorite son in law.  i love him for who who he is and what he stands for.  he is hard working and honest and a great example to our family.  the kids he coaches and teaches look up to him and consider him a role model.  his classroom is full every lunch period with kids that just need a place to be.  they feel safe there and nick makes sure of that.  i love that he is a good husband to taryn.  they fit together perfect.  we feel pretty blessed to have nick as part of our big crazy family.  this is what tate has to say about nick...

                                                 andy nick and tate at graduation

i want to shout out to one of my best friends also....happy birthday SORLLLLLLLLL.... thanks for the example you are to me in everything you do. you have had a huge influence in my life... probably more than you know.... as my freshman football coach... freshman baseball coach....jv football coach.... jv baseball coach....varstiy footall coach....and varsity baseball coach.... i know that the things i learned from playing under you have helped me out here and will continue to help me for my whole life... thank you for being an example to me... love you man! have a good one...OH AND YOURE GETTING OLD..

                      nick and tate and taryn with

                               tates mission call

SOOO some things that happened this last week ummm lets see :) we are teaching this lady who has cancer and we had a lesson with her this last tuesday. she has always wanted to get baptized but she wanted to wait until her husband got to chile from ecuador. but we know that he might not even come. we talked about the importance of baptism and why it is necessary. she accepted a date to be baptized at the end of september and she told us ¨"im just gonna tell my husband if he doesnt get here by that date...its not my fault hahah" she is amazing and is way funny. one of the strongest people i have ever seen. one thing she always says is I JUST KNOW THE NEXT TIME I GO IN FOR TESTS...I'M GONNA LEAVE THAT OFFICE WITH NO CANCER AT ALL.

 that really made me think for a second about the way our attitudes are a lot of the time. think about yourself in that position....doing chemo therapy and knowing that you have cancer and that its going to take a hard fight...but you keep telling yourself i know that i will just come out of the next time perfectly healthy.....
                               tates normal face

made me think for a little bit about my life and the attitude that i have towards my we look at them as a chance to overcome something and grow....or do we look at them with an attitude of THIS ISN'T FAIR....god gives us trials to help us learn....and without learning...we cannot live with him again.

 therefore trials HELP us get to our goal. they HELP us live with our families forever...  challenges are blessings... and if we look at them with the attitude that i will come out of this better than i was before...we will truly learn and become a better person.

 me and elder dixon are finally getting used to being zone leaders and are just always really tired... but its part of the other than that i am doing well...LOVE YOU 


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