Monday, August 5, 2013

little miracles...

little miracles...what exactly is a miracle?  it can be defined as: A surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is considered to be divine.  sometimes these little miracles come quietly in our lives and if we are not paying attention we might miss them.  there are little miracles that happen everyday.  it can be a baby being born...a friend calling at just the right encouraging word from someone when you need it most...two people falling in love...or just the simple beauty of one more day of life.  tate is seeing miracles happen in his life as he serves a mission in chile.
 he is living his life and is closer to his heavenly father at this time than any other time.  he is serving his heavenly father by serving the people of chile and teaching them about the gospel.  what a blessing to our family this has been and we are so thankful for all that we learn from tate's experiences. 

What is a miracle
Love is a miracle
Every time that you care
Miracles happen somewhere
So many miracles
Even small little miracles
Just take one look about
It's not hard to figure out

Cause it might be today
Anything can change
Nothing stays the same
And maybe today
What's tomorrow for
No one knows for sure
Through it all come what may
Little miracles happen everyday
Little miracles happen everyday

 this is our own little miracle that we get to be a part of through tate.

tate's message...

 this week we had a pretty cool experience... two little girls of the other elders we live with were going to get baptized and so we went to do the interviews.....and the mom was there.... so i started talking to her about how she felt about them getting baptized and all this stuff and after that i know god literally  put his words in my mouth....we ended up having a really spiritual lesson and she ended up crying and deciding to get baptized the next day.... i can tell you that there is no other feeling greater than being an instrument in gods hands. sometimes we don't really realize god is guiding us or that it is a spiritual impression but when we look back we realize that the glory is never ours....he is moving the chess pieces in our lives daily! and all we have to do is give him thanks, do what HE wants, and keep receiving guidance. he is with us every step of the way. we also saw some other of our investigators decided to finally quiet smoking and it has been over a three month battle. god wants to give us miracles in our lives....we just have to show him we are willing to accept them and live according to what he gives us... 

alright so this week was one of the craziest week ever.....wednesday we got special changes.....after only being in this sector for two weeks and a zone leader for two weeks they took my comp away and have me training a new zone leader.  little stressful but i know god wouldn't call me to do something i cant this week you will get pics of me and my old comp elder robbins...big blonde....and of me and my new comp....elder dixon....elder dixon is LEGIT. we get along amazingly and are going to have a ton of success....i don't know what i did but i have been blessed with some amazing comps in my mission....all i am gonna say is.........GOD LOVES US :) AND........ I LOVE you guys...

 family i love you...i am doing amazing. just remember the miracles in our lives every day and i promise mroe are coming...HE WANTS TO GIVE THEM TO US!!! 

love elder harding... 

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