Monday, April 15, 2013

iT's GeTtInG cOlDeR...

...iT's GeTtInG the dead of winter tate would have his window open and then he would wrap himself like a mummy in his blankets and strategically position his pillows to sleep...crazy kid!   his room was often like a walk in freezer.  the weather is changing in chile...just as we begin to see signs of spring...chile is beginning to cool down.

 its starting to get a little bit colder and it will really start to chill out here in a little and it sucks because there is no heating down here so that will be an adventure!!  i guess all those years of sleeping with my window open during the middle of winter in idaho will help me a little bit don't you think? :)..

                                                                       officially a chilean

 we are getting changed out of this sector  because there is no progression and president doesn't want to waste his time here!   nothing much is going on this week!..i feel like i just got here yesterday and i only have two more thirds to go! hollay time to get to work even more!!! it motivates me so that is good!  like i said this sector is pretty much dead with the missionary work within.... we got a call this last friday and they told us that we will be getting taken out and that if we have investigators who were really progressing fast to pass them to the other sector that lives with that is our main focus this week is to get them progressed as much as we can to pass them at the end of this next week.

                                           tate and other elders at conference

  also i want to wish grandma harding a happy birthday and that i love her and miss her!!! just know i pray for you guys alot and love you guys a lot!! have a good week chao!

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