Monday, April 8, 2013

iT's A fAmIlY tHiNg...

iT's A fAmIlY tHiNg... family is what life is all about.  this past two weeks have been the hardest thing our family has ever had to go through.  with the unexpected death of Travis our little family has been put through a whirlwind.  we have cried more...we have hugged more...we have listened more...we have laughed more...we have hung on to each other more.  we have been reminded that sometimes things happen that we cannot control.  we will be stronger...we will work harder...we will love more...we will remember...we will do our best to be better because of travis's example.

i loved the president uchtdorf talk about everything being a FAMILY AFFAIR. just remember that as we go through this hard time together as a family. we will stick together forever! 

 so one thing i learned this week is how to love more. i literally could feel gods love for a couple of inactive members we visited this week. we went over there house. he is an old man about 80 or so and he has a daughter who is down syndrome. his wife passed away and have been relying on each other for the past couple years. as i listened to them tell us about themselves and talk about each other i could literally feel the love that god has for each and every one of us! always remember that he loves us and is always listening!

 how did everyone like conference! man it was amazing.. i hope everyone got to listen to every session because it was amazing. elder bednar told us in the MTC if we do not know exactly what our prophets and apostles have said in the last conference then WE DO NOT BELIEVE. that's pretty strong but i hope it motivates you guys to listen read and study the talks over again....because if not then we do not believe in the principles they shared.

 i also want to invite karson, kaden, and hunter to all go listen president thomas s monsons talk in priesthood session again and listen to when he asks the young men " are you ready"...DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN YO PREPARE YOURSELF. i regret not preparing more. read your scriptures, preach my gospel, and go to freaking seminary  don't skip like i did a lot of the time. its not worth it and it will make your mission so much harder....i learned the hard way :)  as always i was a trouble maker!!
troy kunz remember that man i met who was your comp in chile....saw him again and he told me to tell you too look for JUAN CARLOS GODOY ARAVENA on facebook and you will find him... he has kinda got a crazy eye....but other than that i am good! love you guys and hope the best for you... 

elder harding! 

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