Monday, January 27, 2014

the HOUSE that built ME...

the HOUSE that built ME...  the little blue house.  it was the house that we built our first swingset...the house with the back yard for playing baseball...the drive way for playing a game of basketball...the street where tyson taryn and tate learned to ride bikes on.  the little blue house that seemed so big when we moved in and yet so small when we moved out.  the place that we started being a family...all together...the house where so many memories were made.  the house where tate threw apricots at the neighbor's house...the house where taryn got her first kiss...the house where tyson's girlfriend hit our van.  the house that was our first home...the house that built us....

tate's message... I feel like just yesterday we lived at 1840 ardella street and we were all so little. But it's crazy how time has flown by and now were all grown up. But I'm grateful for the journey and I'm grateful for you guys being there every step of the way. We had a good time. And will continue having good times. So I am grateful for that lesson and for you guys who make my life good. "Life's good". 

Monday started well with Pday and we played some good old soccer and volleyball at the church. Good to have some time to relax and play something else. Then we all went to eat together and then it was time to do our own thing so we went and bought groceries and then went and did internet. It was good to talk to all you guys. We had a decent day in the sector. Samuel came with us and we talked to one of his friends from work named Pedro. He is a good guy and I want to help him out. All the other lessons fell through but we ended with a family home evening with some converts and members. We talked about our families. We watched a video about families and how everyone has there role to fill and it made me remember a lot of things

Tuesday was a rough day to start for me. Not sure why but I couldn't focus or anything. Ha but it got better as the day went on. We had to do some computer stuff in the morning and then we had lunch with Samuel and his family. We had lentejas. It was actually really good. I think I will miss those. After lunch we had a lesson with the three young kids we are helping. We talked to them about repenting and how important it is. Then we spent the rest of the day talking to people. We actually spent all day looking for a lady named Maria. We asked everyone if they knew Maria. (The funny part is we just made it up to talk to people). But wait it gets better. After all day of looking for Maria and asking every person we met if they knew her. Right before heading home, we found a house with FOUR Marias. (Maria Jesus, Maria loreto, Maria katalina, and Maria eliana) Hahahahah I think god was teaching us a lesson that "ask and ye shall receive" :). Good stuff. That's how we ended Tuesday. 

Wednesday was a good day. We started with district meeting and it went pretty well. Then we had the best lunch. With Hermana Nancy. Her family is the bomb. Reminds me of home to its always nice to go there and eat and relax for a little. After we went straight to work. We were looking for less active members and stumbled upon a man named Antonio. He was a member who had fallen away and had passed through some pretty hard times but all he wants is to be a good father to his kids that he sees once a week. And help them to be good people. At this point I had a lot of memories go through my head of good old Gregory. And immediately came to my mind how grateful I was for my father and the example he was to me. We then shared alma 36 with him, about when alma is bearing testimony to his son. I was so grateful for a father who taught through his example in all things. Greg. You did a great job. And what I learned from you allowed me to help this man see that through his example in keeping the commandments of god, he can help his kids more than he could imagine. Thank you!!! We then had a lesson with Pedro. He told us he got an answer from god and that he wanted to follow the answer he got. I'm excited to help him. Then we had a really cool lesson with the Maria's again. It was a battle that's for sure but we had a really spiritual experience and they said they felt something weird that they had never felt before. Aka the spirit. Oh and yes we found the fourth Maria. She was there but then left. But yes there really is four Marias living in one house. That's how we ended the night. Good day.

Thursday was an interesting day to say the least. We started bright and early with interviews with president. Mine went really well. A few surprises towards the end but I will tell you guys about that in a different email haha. We practically had to stay there the whole day to watch over the zone and make sure they all got there and stuff. But for lunch and a little after we did divisions. I went with elder Valenzuela and we had a bomb lunch. Pastel de choclo. Carbonada. And homemade corn tortillas. (Elder Valenzuela is from Mexico). It was really good. Then we just went back to the chapel and finished up the interviews and met back up with our comps that went to go do a baptismal interview. The day just got kinda hard after that. We walked for like 3 hours straight. A lot of lessons fell through but in the process we talked to some really good people. Diligence brings blessings in some way or another. That's how we ended the day and I was grateful for it.

Friday was fun. It started with heading to centro to eat. And then we had a little bit of time after lunch to relax before heading to work. It was a good time ha. But then we had a decent day in the sector. A lot of the times we spend tons of time walking and doing contacts so it makes you feel like your not doing much but I know that I'm planting seeds so that's always a good thing to remember. Hopefully I am preparing these people for someone!! We ended the night with the usual Friday night soccer. Always a good two hours to hang out with some jovenes and talk to their friends about the gospel. On the way home a guy stopped us and just wanted to fight about doctrine. So we talked to him for a while but a lot of people just talk to fight so it's not worth it. But the night ended with a fresh watermelon and peaches in the house. Good day. 

Holy Saturday was a hard day. In the morning we did some service at Hermana Nancy's house and we helped her son put up some trimming in his bedroom and then they invited us to stay for lunch. So of course we did. Ha. They are a really good family and in grateful for them. But after lunch is when the day just got hard. We had one lesson the whole day that didn't fall through. With our convert Alicia. I really hope she starts getting back on the right track. After that ever single other lesson we had planned fell. We were literally in the street for like 5 hours trying to find someone to teach ha. I think that's one of the hardest things as a missionary. Giving it your all but not seeing very many results. But I know god is teaching us something so the only thing to do is just keep working hard.

We ended the week on a really good note. We went to church. Ate a really good lunch. And then had our weekly planning session. Then it was time to hit the sector and we immediately found someone to teach. His name is Mauricio and really wants our help to stop smoking. I know we can help him. Then we had a really touching lesson. We passed by a lady who lives alone and started talking to her. Her name is Marta. She at first came out and told us she didn't want anything to so with us. But we saw that she was doing some gardening and started talking her about it. She surprisingly let us in to see her greenhouse. She spent the next 20 mins explaining how she finds her happiness through tending her plants. As we thanked her for her time and told her that we were grateful for her teaching us, she broke down in tears. I'm sure she hadn't had someone interested in her life in a long time. amazing what effect it can have on people when we just show interest in the things they like. It doesn't even matter if we don't have interests in that same thing. We can show our love by showing interest in them and there hobbies. It was pretty cool. We had a good rest of the night and then went to a little ward celebration for a members bday. I'm grateful for the experiences I had this week. It was a hard week but a good week to learn diligence.

 I love you guys. Have a good week.
Elder Harding 

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