Monday, January 20, 2014

every day...

every day...

new years resolutions...i set new ones each year only to disappoint myself in a few months that i have not kept the goals that i had set for myself.  this year i decided that i would not make specific goals but that each day i would try harder to be better than i was the day before.  i would be more patient...more positive...more loving...more caring...more understanding...more giving.  i am thankful for the atonement that allows me to keep trying and when i mess up or fail that i can try again.  i am thankful for a father in heaven who loves me and wants me to be a better person.  i am thankful for a family who is working at the same goals that i am.  i am thankful for a missionary who reminds me weekly of what is important in life. i am thankful for the simple reminder from him to be thankful for each day.  i love how in his letter this week he is thankful for each day no matter what type of day it turned out to be.   i guess my new years resolution is to just be...more

tate's message...

Hey. What's up. Monday started well in the morning. We went and played soccer with the zone. Ate some junk food at the church and then went shopping. Ended the Pday with some emails home and then it was time to hit the sector. We headed out with Samuel to teach some people and had a pretty rough lesson with Alicia. She has made some pretty bad mistakes in these last three weeks and has  not gone to church but we had a spiritual lesson about the repentance process. She said she was ready to start on the right track again. I was grateful to have the spirit in the lesson. When we left i realized that it truly was a miracle how we calmed her down and in the end she realized what she had to do. The spirit works miracles. LISTEN TO IT! We ended with a family home evening with a ton of people. Less actives, converts, members, and investigators. It was a good way. And the member gave us chocolate from Argentina. Way good stuff. We are her favorites. Yes I am still getting spoiled  over here in chile. Haha. It was a good day. I'm grateful for Mondays. 

Tuesday   started in the morning with a training with president. Always a energy drainer cuz we just get bombarded with info and have to take it all in and then apply it. I also got some letters. One from aunt Gerry. One from the rice family. One from grandma and grandpa kunz. And one from kalani. Thanks to all of them for writing and supporting me!! I love them all.  After we had lunch. Good old Chilean porrotos. Gonna miss those. Then it was time to leave for the sector and man was it hot today. We started by teaching three young members about the importance of reading the Book of Mormon daily but not just reading it. Applying it daily in there lives. Anyone can read a book. But it takes a smart person to actually apply it in their life. That's the true power of it. Then we were in the street the whole rest of the day. contacts, contacts, contacts. Until about 830 and then we had a meeting with our branch. I hope we can keep seeing excitement in missionary work with them. I am grateful for Tuesdays. 

Wednesday was a walking day. We started by having district meeting in the morning and that went pretty well. And then we had lunch with a very humble family in our ward. Amazing how they were so willing to give us practically all they had because they knew if they were willing to give all then they would receive much more. That's also something I've learned. To give our time and efforts to others we end up receiving much more. Then like i said it was a day of walking. We had a lot off lessons fall through and we walked around talking to people forever in the Chilean heat. We definitely found some good people tho who said they would be willing to listen another day. So I'm excited for that. We got home and planned. And went to bed. Wednesday was a tiring day. But I'm grateful for Wednesdays.

 Thursday was a good day in general. We started by going to town to look for big whiteboards for the zone to use. Then we had lunch with Hermana nancy and her family. She is awesome. We ate practically chicken cordon blu but instead of chicken it was beef. And it had a breading on it as well. Really good. Also ate the first humita of the year. I'll put a pic up. It's like a tamale but without meat. After we had another hard day. All our lessons fell but it was also good because we talked with a ton of really good people and I am excited to talk to them again. Also the daughters of Hermana nancy took us to a lady who is really interested in learning. I love members who are working in missionary work. God works miracles through members who want to help in his work. Ain't that the truth. I am thankful for Thursdays.

 Friday we had a day that went by really fast. (Best way to describe it). In the morning we planned a lot of stuff for us and for the zone and then we planned even more. Lunch was served with a big old bowl, actually 2, of Chilean porrotos.  I'm getting used to them. I think I sent a picture home. After it was time to hit the sector. We first had a lesson with the three young kids we are helping come back to church. We taught them the Ten Commandments. It was a really fast lesson and then we ran  to do some computer stuff for the zone real fast. And then we had to visit a lot of people in a short period of time so we spent the next two hours visiting and having very short lessons with a lot of people. It's been a pretty sad week cuz a lot of our investigators have stopped wanting us to come by. But we will keep finding people. We ended the night with a lesson with some young converts in the church and then soccer. "Friday night soccer". I'm thinking about starting a television series. Things are getting pretty heated on the church soccer court. After all was said and done. I'm grateful for Fridays. 

Saturday was a fun day. We started with service at Hermana Nancy's house. We painted for like two hours and had a pretty good time. Then she invited us to stay for lunch and it was ridiculously good. We had   crab stuffed avocados. Then the biggest piece of fried fish I've ever seen with all sorts of salads and ice cream and honeydew to finish it off. Good way to start the day. Then we had a really good day in the sector. We found some really good people but during the afternoon it was looking like another hard weekend with no one being able to go to church. But we had a thought come to our mind and we called a man named Marcos. And him and his family said yes they would go to church with us. Talk about miracles. I'm grateful for Saturdays.

 Sunday was a good day. Marcos and his family came to church and told us they are already planning on coming the next Sunday. And then we ate some lunch. I ate chicken heart :(. Don't try it. We then planned for two hours and then hit the sector. It was an okay day. We started by visiting some people and doing contacts. We found some really nice people and set up lessons with them for other days. God blessed us to be in the right place at the right time. We ended the night teaching a less active family about judging one another. Amazing how easy it is to find errors and flaws in others, when we are so imperfect ourselves. I hope we can all look for the good in others instead of looking for the negative things. Life should be positive. Look for how people can become. Not as they are. We ended by teaching some members how to make brownies. We failed. The ingredients they bought weren't very good so we had to improvise. Haha it was a fail. But after all was said and done. I'm grateful for Sundays.

I AM GRATEFUL FOR LIFE. Have a good week. Love you all. 

Elder Harding

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