Monday, December 16, 2013

tate's ornament

tate's ornament...

it is a tradition that started when tyson was a baby.  i can still remember his very first ornament.  it was a blue bear that said baby's first christmas on it.  that is how it all started.  every year tyson and taryn and tate would get a new ornament to hang on the tree.  sometimes there was meaning behind the ornament and other years it was just what i picked up at the store.  as tyson and taryn have gotten married they take with them a box of ornaments.  in that box are memories of christmas pasts.
i have been looking for tate an ornament for this christmas and had not been able to find one that seemed quite right until last saturday when greg and i ran into the perfect find...

tate seems to like to tell tyson and taryn that he is the favorite child.  i think he really believes that he is.  i do know that for all of us he is the favorite little brother...tate we love you...


 so another week gone by. Crazy that Christmas is almost here. Insane. last Monday started good. We had a really chill Pday. In the morning we finished organizing the stuff for the activity and then we headed to do some good old grocery shopping. Bought some granola and milk and eggs. Going healthy these days. Trying to get in shape. Key word trying. Pretty hard with all the soda and stuff they give you but I do what I can. Afterwards we met some missionaries for lunch and then it was straight to Internet and that's when we talked a little. And then it was back to the house and LIGHTS OUT for two and a half hours . Best nap ever. I haven't slept that good in a while. Considering we went to bed at 130 I was pretty tired. When it was time to leave for the sector we went to the church to fill 200 water balloons. Surprising enough it didn't take too long considering I had quite a bit of experience in tying water-balloons a lot of weekends before the mission. 

Then we ended the night with a family home evening at Javier's house and we watched a video about christ's  birth. Lesson learned today from Tyson. I had written to him something about "Xmas". And he told me to NEVER take the Christ out of Christmas. Lesson learned. He is a good brother . That's how we ended the night.

 Tuesday was a really fun day we started with a Christmas devotional. Singing carols. Hymns. Talks. And a video of pictures from the last year of the mission. So that was really cool. And then we went and played a bunch of sports for a while. Then ate an amazing Christmas lunch. My comp busted up his ankle really bad in the sports part so we couldn't work cuz he couldn't walk  so it was a boring night in the house full of sitting around. But that was Tuesday.

We started with our usual district meeting that lasts from 11 till 1 every Wednesday. Then we headed to lunch but my comps ankle was still bothering him so it was pretty hard for him to get around. We ended up heading up to rancagua on a bus and getting an xray. And then we had to go to the mission office to look for a boot for him to wear and then it was straight back to the house. Should be a really long weekend. He didn't break anything. Just sprained his ankle pretty bad so we have to stay off of it for like the rest the weekend. I'm gonna be so bored . But it will all be okay. I'm praying he will be better by Monday. That was my week so I'm sending my email today . Sorry it was a short one and not much happened sitting around in the house all day.  love you guys. 
Also happy birthday Troy!! Have a good one!! 

Elder Harding. 

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